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Byron Hikers wants its members and leaders to have a respectful and reciprocal relationship with both nature & people.


People who understand nature's power to heal and nurture them, yet its fragility if we don't treat it well. People who are willing to give and receive - with nature and other club members...

To join Byron Hikers & attend walks, we ask:

1. Become known to one of our leaders, either through our common networks or by attending 2 'get to know each other' hikes prior to joining. These would be day hikes with only modest difficulty - Grade 3 at the most.

2. Complete the Membership Application Form below. You can type directly into the Word document, save it on your system and then email it to the address provided on the form. Or you can take a photo of it and email the jpeg file instead.

3. If you book in for a walk, you must do so up to 48 hours before the walk.

4. If you book in, please show up. People who continuously book in and then don't show up without notifying the leader will not be admitted into future walks. If you need to cancel, do it in good time.

5. Pay careful attention to what the leader advises regarding: meeting place & time, required clothing, gear, food & drink, maintaining safety while on the walk, level of fitness & ability required to do the walk etc. People who don't follow the leader's instructions with careful attention to detail or are continuously late will not be admitted into future walks.

Membership Application Form

Tasmania - WoJ tarn 1.jpeg

To lead walks, we ask:

1. Become well-known within the club as an emotionally mature, responsible and administratively competent person.

2. Understand basic navigation and be equipped with maps, GPS, compass etc.

3. Understand basic first-aid and emergency rescue procedures.

4. Carry an emergency device such as a Personal Locator Beacon, InReach or Satellite Phone.

Byron Hikers' official documents:

1. Leaders Information



2. Membership Risk Sign-on Form


3. Member Protection Policy


4. Parents Waiver Form


5. Child Protection Declaration

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