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We will hike to the Blue Fig cascades in Rocky Creek, from Rummery Park, along Blue Fig Rd. Then we plan to rock-hop for a bit up the Creek to look for a steep but do-able route to the top of Peates Mtn Rd. This section will be off track and steep, but we will be avoiding any cliffs turning back if necessary. We return down Peates Mtn Rd.

Grade 4: Leader, Steve 0414 312 917, assistant leader, Phil.

Meeting at the Rummery Park Campground at 8am, Sat. 23/9

Thursday 28 September- 3 Oct. K'gari ( Fraser ) Great Pack Walk  Limit  6

Six days of forest hiking and camping most nights next to crystal clear freshwater lakes.

Expressions of interest to Lauren 0473 372 825

More info:

Sunday 1 October - Koonyum Range, Overhanging Cliff Line 

We will hike for 1km down Callicoma Track before contouring off under a surprising line of ancient overhangs. Eventually we find our

way to the to the top of the range where we get expansive views to Blackbutt Plateau and into Upper Wilsons Creek valley. We return

to the cars via a small, crystal clear creek that comes out near Boogeram Falls where we can have a dip and admire the views over


Grade 3: Leader, Steve 0414 312 917

Saturday October 7 - Off-track Koonyum Range Traverse.   Members Only, Fully Booked. Wait list available.

This is a full day traversing between the end of the East Koonyum Range and the West Koonyum Range, ending in Upper Wilsons Creek. We will divide into 2 groups of 8 hikers travelling from opposite ends, and swap car keys when the 2 parties crossover.

For the party heading west, after a steep descent we will be crossing above a huge landslide that runs down into Palmwoods. We take a safe path across the saddle. Then we scrub bash up to Point 656 which has sweeping views up to Tweed Heads and around to the Byron lighthouse and all over the Mainarm Valley. The hike then follows the ridgeline until we take a short cut off the route of previous years, scrambling down a safe but very steep descent through the cliff-lines beside a spectacular rockslide that was created by last year's flood. The last hour is a gentle slope through giant rainforest trees into a private property in Upper Wilsons Creek. The other group will do this in reverse, starting in Upper Wilsons Creek. For this group, the initial open rainforest section gains 100m vertical without much effort, but the next 300m vertical is quite a steep scramble, but with no exposure. This is not a beginners hike!

The 2 groups will meet again at 1016 Wilsons Creek Rd for a well-deserved drink and an optional BBQ. More info, Dave F 0402 470 546, Steve 0414 312 917

Friday 20 October to Sunday 22 October Girraween National Park -Fully Booked but waitlist is available

Girraween National Park has a spectacular granite landscape and October is when the wildflowers will be in full bloom. For this reason, you should book early. This is a 3-day / 2-night base camp expedition. Book for Friday, Oct 20th & Sat Oct 21st as a minimum with the option to stay for Sunday night or return home if desired. Most sections are Grades 2 to 3 with options for the more adventurous. A good level of fitness is required to climb the Pyramids or the Sphinx which are Grade 5.

Book your site at the recently renovated Castle Rock campground through this link

Email leader Bob Brockhill

Friday 20- Sunday 22 October - Iron Pot Creek

We arrive on Friday to get an early start for a very long creek walk finishing through the Murray Scrub which is an original red cedar forest.

Grade 3, Leader Steve 0414 312 917

24-26th November: Rummery Park Walks – Lucy’s Birthday Weekend  

Come for one day or come for the whole weekend.  

Friday 24th Night - Camp at Rummery Park Camp Ground. Two sites next to each other have been booked for Friday and Saturday nights (one tent site and one campervan site). These can take a total of about 12 people so first people to book in can share these and others can book their own.  

Saturday 25th Morning - Boggy Creek Track. Walk from Rummery Park Camp Ground to Minyon Falls Picnic Area at the top of Minyon Falls. Back along the same track makes this 4km return, grade 2. About 3 hours including picnic and swim time. Track follows beautiful and quiet Boggy Creek through Blackbutt forest and past a few small waterfalls and pools. We can swim in the inviting pools along the creek. 

Saturday 25th Afternoon. Group games at Rummery Park Camp Ground – Bocce, Klop and Croquet. 

Saturday 25th Night – Camp at Rummery Park Camp Ground.  

Sunday 26th – Peats Mountain Walk. 7km return from Rummery Park up to Peats Mountain via the walking trail. Climb up through regenerated eucalypt forest to Peats Mountain. 

Please email your interest to Lucy, including your phone number.

November 2023: 10-day part Bundian Way Hike

We will be retracing an ancient indigenous path from the Snowy River gorge through to the ocean at Eden in the southern-most part of NSW. This track was painstakingly re-discovered by author John Blay ( On Track ) with the help of local elders. Coastal people used it to walk to the high country to feast on Bogong moths in summer, and by tribes from northeast Victoria to help with whale hunting each spring. The route is always on some sort of track starting in the Byadbo wilderness, breaking out into seldom-used roads leading west and east of the small border town of Delegate and through another forested range to the coast. The 10-day proposal finishes at Delegate. The rest of the track is another 12 days.

This track will eventually get funding to be a national hiking route, but we thought we would rather do it now before it becomes too developed. The route is not available to the general public and is only shared with hiking clubs.  Talk to Steve to express your interest. 0414 312 917


To understand more about our Walk Grading System, see below:

Grade 1

  • Tracks may have some uneven surfaces.

  • Gradients are slight to moderate.

  • Up to about 12 km.

  • Suitable for beginners with above average fitness.


Grade 2

  • Tracks may have some rough sections.

  • Gradients are generally moderate.

  • There may be some steep sections.

  • Up to about 15 km.

  • Walkers should have above average fitness and some hiking experience.


Grade 3

  • Tracks are likely to vary from moderately uneven to rough.

  • Some sections may be off-track.

  • Some gradients are likely to be reasonably steep.

  • There may be some moderate rock hopping or easy rock scrambling.

  • Above average fitness and hiking experience required.


Grade 4

  • Tracks are generally rough with some off-track sections.

  • Some gradients will be steep.

  • There may be some rock hopping and/or rock scrambling with some height exposure.

  • Above average fitness and bushwalking experience required.


Grade 5

  • Tracks are rough and may be mainly off-track.

  • Conditions similar to those described in Grade 4 but more demanding.

  • A high level of fitness and considerable hiking experience required.


Grade 6

  • Generally off-track.

  • Strenuous walking conditions in steep, rugged and remote terrain.

  • Includes moderate to difficult rock scrambling with moderate to high height exposure. 

  • Only for very fit and experienced hikers.


Grade 7

  • Off-track strenuous walk in very steep, rugged and remote terrain.

  • Challenging conditions, including difficult rock scrambling and severe height exposure.

  • Suitable only for the very fit and very experienced walkers.


Exploratory Walks

  • For members only.

  • May be conducted to determine conditions on a walk not previously attempted.


If a quoted grading does not adequately describe a planned walk, the walk leader must ensure that appropriate additional information is included in the walk description.

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