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Saturday 12 November:

If you like secluded coves, pebble-strewn beaches and square-jawed rock platforms where few people go, plus ocean vistas and flowering heathland, then this is a walk for you. A little-known pathway near Razorback Lookout, south of Evans Head, takes us down to a hidden coastline where we can fossick, swim and sit. We will circle back along the elevated heathland to a sequestered spot where we lunch with a million-dollar ocean view before rejoining our vehicles. As a forest bathing walk, we will mostly walk in silence with plenty of time to chat beforehand and at lunchtime. Total walk about 7 km and allow 4+ hours to complete. Grade 3 with an initial steep descent and some rock hopping, so steadiness on your feet is required. This is a walk to do before it gets too hot.

Contact walk leader David at to register. If the weather is not conducive, I will holdover the walk until the following Saturday


Sunday 13 November: Koonyum Range 

One of our favourite half day hikes to the Picnic spot overlooking Upper Wilsons and back under the amazing overhanging cave line. Easy off-track walking with a 9am start. Grade 3. Leader Steve 0414 312 917

Sunday 20 November: Secret Chasm via Lost Valley   

We will ascend a steep path to the top of Lost Valley waterfall and then hike along Eastern Fire Trail to the Secret Chasm ( 3838 ).

It has changed quite significantly since the 2019 bushfire, so we might explore some alternate routes around this amazing feature, returning the same way.

Grade 3: Leader David Warner, 0409 248 773, assisted by Steve

Short notice: Wilsons Creek

This Sunday, 27 Nov, 8-10am

short scramble up the escarpment behind our place to the Calicoma waterfall and then back through the National Park to a cool swim in our rainforest creek. All members and friends welcome.

Call Steve, 0414 312 917

Sunday 27 November: Mountain Biking in Whian Whian

Our first mountain bike event. This is suitable for those with a mountain bike - pedal power or electric. We will start from Rummery Park campground in the morning and follow a circuit that takes in Telephone Road trail, Boulders Road trail to Quandong Falls and return to Telephone Road before connecting with Nightcap Range Road for the return leg to Rummery Park. From here we can walk to the creek for a dip to cool off and stay on for lunch under the trees if you wish. If you have not mountain biked before this route is suitable for beginners as long as you are confident riding bumpy fire trails which have been set up for horse riding and bike riding. There are steep hills, most of which I will be walking up! Total distance is about 7 km taking us about two hours with stops and walking up hills. Finish around 12 noon. Details David 

Wed November 30- Sunday 4 December: Gibraltar Washpool Heritage Walk: pack walk,

Arriving at Mulligans campground Wednesday afternoon , we start walking on Thursday and will be back on Sunday December 4, early afternoon. Details of itinerary will be sent to participants closer to date. Magnificent walk in rainforest. Walk co-leaded by Kathy L and Lucy B.  Please send you interest by email to and include your phone number. Max 8. Beginners welcome.

Sunday 4 December: Koonyum Range Traverse    ( this was postponed from Oct 9 due to a forecast of bad weather )

This a spectacular hike for very fit off-track hikers as it takes 8 hours and involves steep ascents/descents in a once, mossy, bouldery gully at one end which has now been cleaned out with a spectacular rockslide, and a very steep vegetated slope at the other, albeit with plenty of trees for handholes. No exposure to cliffs. This is an annual trip for the Club since members discovered this route in 2020. We will split into 2 groups. Steve's group will ascend the Range from Upper Wilsons Creek while Dave's group will descend down a very steep slope that leads across the Koonyum saddle. The 2 groups will cross over on the ridge line that has views over the Main Arm valley and as far as Wollumbin and Tweed Heads. We swap car keys for driving home.

Leaders, Dave F. 0402 470 546 and Steve 0414 312 917

PS. If the weather is predicted to be over 30c or incredibly wet or thundery, Plan B is to go to Upper Wilsons Creek and climb the rockslide to Rockface Rd, then down beside the massive landslide in the very top of Wilsons River, finishing with a swim in the river at the end of the hike.

Saturday 10 December

Our last forest bathing walk for the year will take us to one of our favourite locations – Unicorn Falls and creek in Mount Jerusalem National Park. This is an off-track walk that follows the creek from the falls to a turnaround point where we will stop for a swim and festive lunch by two beautiful swimming holes, where few people go. Be prepared for rock hopping and walking through water on the way back. I love this walk for its sensory variety, out-of-this-world splendour and the getting wet part! We will spend some time walking in silence but also chatting over lunch and laughter on the way back. Walk time is only 1 – 1.5 hours each way but rated Grade 4 with the rock hopping and the off-track nature. Details David N.B I won’t be able to respond to enquiries from 30 November to 4 December.

Saturday 17 December: Xmas picnic party at the Wilsons Creek Hall

Keep the date free. There will be a short ranforest walk and swim in Calicoma Creek on Barbara's, just upstream of the Wilsons Creek Hall.the morning to build up an appetite. Then at 1pm, a BYO picnic/BBQ at the Hall with a presentation of next September's Trek in the Indian Himalaya.

Sunday 15 January: Canoe/Hike at Clarrie Hall Dam & Nilla Nilla Gorge

We will canoe fopr about 2km from the Dam wall into the Nilla Nilla inlet, then follow the creek past a few cascades and up to a large waterfall, a grat summer swimming spot..

Leader Lucy, 0420 664 631 assisted by Jo.

Sat 21 January: Billinudgel Nature Reserve.

Easy walk around the Optus trail. More details later.

Grade 2. Leader, Paula 0427 667 791

Sat 28 January: Hell Hole Falls

Short wak down a fire trail to these amazing falls. Summer swimming option. More details later.

Grade 3, Leader Jo. 0409 538 133

Sat March 5: Clean up Australia Day

We thought Club members would like to voluteer to clean up some part of our favourite environment.

More details later. Lucy 0420 664 631

Sat-Sunday 25-26 March. Jerusalem Creek Kayak and campout

The creek runs past the campground at Black Rocks NP. The campsite is where the estuary joins the ocean. 

If you don't have a canoe or kayak, we will try to organise some loaners.

Leaders Chris 0422 005 771 and Rob 0410485969

March 2023: 22-day Bundian Way Hike

We will be retracing an ancient indigenous path from the Snowy River gorge through to the ocean at Eden in the southern-most part of NSW. This track was painstakingly re-discovered by author John Blay ( On Track ) with the help of local elders. Coastal people used it to walk to the high country to feast on Bogong moths in summer, and by tribes from north east Victoria to help with whale hunting each spring. The route is always on some sort of track starting in the Byadbo wilderness, breaking out into seldom-used roads leading west and east of the small border town of Delegate and through another forested range to the coast. 

This will eventually get funding to be a national hiking route, but we thought we would rather do it now before it becomes too developed. The route is not available to the general public and is only shared with hiking clubs. Steve and Barbara are setting off the day after our Xmas party to meet John Blay and to check out food drop sites etc. Exact dates will be decided when they return in mid-January. Numbers will be limited. Talk to Steve to express your interest. 0414 312 917

(International multi-day walk) September 2023: Indian Himalayas

Some of our members have established a close personal contact directly with one of India's pre-eminent expedition companies.

In 2018, 12 of us trekked for 16 days at high altitude in a seldom-visited, high desert region of Ladakh where we were totally away from civilisation. After acclimatising for 5 days in Leh, we started the trek at 4700m and gradually climbed to the highest pass of 5330m, all the while surrounded by snow-capped peaks in excess of 6000m. Most of these peaks have never been climbed. We were supported by a dozen staff and 32 ponies that carried our shelter and fresh food through a barren, rocky landscape that is no longer visited even by seasonal shepherds.

In 2019 we walked amongst forests and high pasture from Manali towards Daramshala, over 2 passes of around 4800m, with most of the trek between 3000m and 3500m. On this trek, we saw a few goat and sheep herders away in the distance grazing on their high pastures. Halfway through we spent 2 nights camped opposite the last remote Indian village that is only occupied during the summer months.

We had 2 expedition groups set to do this Bara Bhangal trek in 2020 but the Covid virus put paid to that.

We have made reservations with Kapil, our expedition leader, for Septembers 2023. This will obviously be subject to the virus being under control before departure.

Preview presentation will be shown at the Xmas party, Dec 17

For further info, talk to Steve 0414 312 917

To understand more about our Walk Grading System, see below:

Grade 1

  • Tracks may have some uneven surfaces.

  • Gradients are slight to moderate.

  • Up to about 12 km.

  • Suitable for beginners with above average fitness.


Grade 2

  • Tracks may have some rough sections.

  • Gradients are generally moderate.

  • There may be some steep sections.

  • Up to about 15 km.

  • Walkers should have above average fitness and some hiking experience.


Grade 3

  • Tracks are likely to vary from moderately uneven to rough.

  • Some sections may be off-track.

  • Some gradients are likely to be reasonably steep.

  • There may be some moderate rock hopping or easy rock scrambling.

  • Above average fitness and hiking experience required.


Grade 4

  • Tracks are generally rough with some off-track sections.

  • Some gradients will be steep.

  • There may be some rock hopping and/or rock scrambling with some height exposure.

  • Above average fitness and bushwalking experience required.


Grade 5

  • Tracks are rough and may be mainly off-track.

  • Conditions similar to those described in Grade 4 but more demanding.

  • A high level of fitness and considerable hiking experience required.


Grade 6

  • Generally off-track.

  • Strenuous walking conditions in steep, rugged and remote terrain.

  • Includes moderate to difficult rock scrambling with moderate to high height exposure. 

  • Only for very fit and experienced hikers.


Grade 7

  • Off-track strenuous walk in very steep, rugged and remote terrain.

  • Challenging conditions, including difficult rock scrambling and severe height exposure.

  • Suitable only for the very fit and very experienced walkers.


Exploratory Walks

  • For members only.

  • May be conducted to determine conditions on a walk not previously attempted.


If a quoted grading does not adequately describe a planned walk, the walk leader must ensure that appropriate additional information is included in the walk description.