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Welcome to Byron Hikers!

We are a non-profit club, affiliated with Bushwalking NSW, that re-connects people with the awe-inspiring beauty and and healing power of nature.

We do this by sharing our intimate knowledge of this special part of the world - the stunning Byron Shire and surrounds. Our leaders know this area's hidden treasures like no others. We've been hiking in it, on and off-track, for decades. We go where others don't know to go.

We mostly hike locally, though also go on outdoor adventures interstate and overseas, as our beautiful photo gallery will show.

We would love you to join us on a hike! As a member, you can go on any bushwalk that you're fit for. However if you're a visitor to this area, pending fitness and eligibility, you can attend one of our unique hikes for a small donation.


For a taste of our locale, watch this clip:

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